We are an elective campus offering career training and college preparation using proven techniques and the latest technology, all taught by industry professionals.

Guthrie is a great place to learn and discover your passion for a career that interests you before the expense of college tuition. Classes meet every school day with transportation provided to and from your home school.

Please take a minute to hear from Guthrie students on how their experience is preparing them to smoothly transition from high school to college and/or career.

We Are


You’ll spend more time practicing and doing what you learn. Sometimes it seems so automatic.


Our classes are designed with authenticity in mind and presented by former industry professionals.


If it wasn’t already trademarked, we could be called Certifications “Я” Us.

Certification Details

We Deliver

More T-2-4 Options For Your Future Success.

Technical Certifications

Every program has an option for you to earn a technical certification, giving you a competitive advantage as you start a career.

Two-Year Degree Prep

Many of our programs have articulation agreements with local colleges that lessen your time and expense getting an associate degree.

Four-Year Degree Prep

All of our programs can be continued in a university setting if earning a bachelor degree is your goal.