3D Animation

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The Animation program at Guthrie pioneered the use of 3D software in Texas high schools and continues to set the standard for cinema-quality animation education. Students can take up to four years of 3D Animation and develop an extensive digital portfolio for college entrance, internships or immediate employment.

3D Animation students become proficient in sketching, storyboarding, character rigging and motion capture. Using industry- standard programs including Autodesk Maya, Sketchbook, and Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and more, our students can bring their creativity and imagination to life. As their expertise develops, Guthrie animation students can also utilize our Motion Capture Studio to help provide realistic and natural movement to their projects.

Any student with creativity, focus and attention to detail can be successful in 3D Animation. Drawing and sketching experience from Art classes is highly recommended, but not a required prerequisite.

One of our graduates attending UT Dallas recently contacted us with his thoughts. “While participating in a work-place pre- production simulation a few weeks ago, I felt extraordinarily prepared for all the phases of the project, from character sketches and storyboarding to using Adobe After Effects to compile a short animatic using scanned-in frames. It was really a strange experience to see most of my peers floundering in these tasks even though they have all taken ‘Animation’ courses before. Its so easy to only consider the 3D aspects of what your class teaches, but everything we covered, from my first semester to my last, has been helpful in my work so far. The Guthrie Center is lucky to have such a dynamite Animation program with such talented teachers.”


  • Autodesk Maya Certified User (Year 3)



2021-22 3D Animation Classes

3D Animation Game Art 1 w/LAB

Learn to develop and communicate your animation ideas through 3D Modeling, animation, concept drawings, storyboards, virtual lights & cameras, and scene design using the same techniques and software used by professionals.

Grades: 9-11

3D Animation Game Art 2 w/LAB

Expand the skills and creativity you developed in Animation. Skills taught include introduction to character design, 3D modeling and texturing a character and game assets, Bone system and character rigging for animation, effective in-depth storytelling, visual effects and post production techniques, introduction to Unreal game engine and integrated audio and sound F/X as well as creating an online portfolio.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of 3D Animation Game Art 1
Grades: 10-12
Technical Certification: Student Online Portfolio Development

3D Animation Game Development Practicum 1

Utilize the latest technologies in 3D Modeling, Animation for developing real time graphics, with the goal of producing models and animations that relate to industrial projects such as: product visualization, oil and gas equipment, architectural scenes, and consumer products.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of 3D Animation Game Art 2.
Grades: 11-12
Technical Certification Attainable: Autodesk Maya Certified User

3D Animation Game Development Practicum 2

This course expands the use of motion capture as it applies to game development. You will learn how to create games level by utilizing current game development engines also explore concepts in layering digital assets into composites for video and film. This prepares you for working in the industry through internships with local business partners, as well as extending animation studies at a college or university.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of 3D Animation Practicum 1
Grades: 12
Technical Certification Attainable: Autodesk Maya Certified User and Portfolio Completion