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Architectural Design at the Guthrie Center allows students to explore the many opportunities that are available in the field of architecture. Our Architectural Design faculty, with a combined 35 years experience in the field, believe critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving spark further learning. Students are introduced to architectural history and become proficient in architectural sketching, perspectives, and technical drawing. They also learn industry standard programs that are used by the architectural profession including AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, and Sketch Up.

Students are educated in the process of architectural design through projects and the annual Michael G. Meyers Design Competition sponsored by the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. This contest provides students the opportunity to network with practicing architects and professors of architecture. Our students have achieved great success in this competition by winning scholarship monies and scholarships to the summer architectural program offered at the University of Houston. Architectural students at the Guthrie Center have won over 100 awards and have used the competition as a catapult for acceptance to architectural schools around the world.

When completing the courses in architectural design, students develop a strong portfolio that can be used for admission to competitive architecture schools. Guthrie Architectural Design students have been accepted to architectural schools at Rice, UT Austin, Pratt in NYC, Kansas State and Auburn which have been ranked in the top 10 architectural schools in the nation by Design Intelligence in the past 5 years. Many other students gained entrance in architectural programs at Texas A&M, University of Houston, Texas Tech, Tulane, and Oklahoma State. We also have students studying architecture in France and in Japan.

The Guthrie Center offers three levels of Architectural Design available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


  • Autodesk AutoCad Certified User (Year 2)
  • Autodesk Revit Architecture Certified User (Year 3)



2021-22 Architectural Design Classes

Principles Of Architecture and Architectural Design 1

Are you interested in architecture, industrial design, well designed buildings, furniture, objects, spaces to be in, or even outside areas? Want to design your future as an architect? Start your sophomore year at the Guthrie Center in our three year program of architectural study. Our projects are designed to build your portfolio and resume so that you are the best candidate for the college program of your choice.

In your first year of study, you will learn networking techniques, art and design practices, technical drafting as well as computer aided drawing skills, 3d Modeling, and photorealistic renderings. You will learn hand techniques done by architects, how to do an “as-built,” how to read a blueprint, how to edit a commercial tenant improvement set of documents and compete in a scholarship student design competition. Start building your dream today! Both classes must be taken concurrently.

We recommend you complete your Fine Arts credit in 9th grade and recommend Art, to help prepare for this pathway.

Core Prerequisite: Successful completion of/currently enrolled in Geometry.
Grades: 10-11

Architectural Design 2

Continue your architectural pursuit by taking a second year of architectural design. Building upon knowledge and skills successfully mastered in Principles/Arch Design 1, you will deepen your knowledge of design and hone your skill set. You will learn about architects and work on case studies to deepen your understanding and skills.

Projects added to your portfolio will include case studies, small indoor/outdoor projects, preparing presentations using advanced computer-aided drawing skills, modeling, rendering, specifying materials, and building scaled models. We will continue competing in a scholarship student design competition and give you the opportunity to get AutoCAD certified.

Continue to construct your future today.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Architectural Design 1.
Grades: 11-12
Technical Certification Attainable: AUTODESK Certified User: AutoCad

Architectural Design Practicum

Planning for achievement towards a degree in architecture and related fields involves a developed portfolio, skilled instruction, dedication and hard work. This practicum year binds together the previous two years of instruction in even more of an independent study approach.

We will instruct and guide you in the basics of you deepening your knowledge and skill set as you take more the helm. We will go over related fields, portfolio approaches for college applications, and prepare you for the next steps. Plan to receive instruction about safety, career opportunities, architectural soft skills, work ethics, student design competition, and college architectural design study. You will have the talent to create a senior design project to add to your developing portfolio using Autodesk Revit and have the opportunity to become a Certified REVIT user.

The foundation is laid for success in an exciting career in Architecture and related fields.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Architectural Design 2.
Grades: 12
Technical Certification Attainable: AUTODESK Certified User: REVIT