Agricultural Science


  • Join the FFA – world’s largest youth org
  • Hands-on lessons – learn by doing
  • Classes on a 17 acre farm
  • Earn scholarship money
  • Work with plants and animals regularly
  • Travel Texas with other FFA members
  • 50 different competition events
  • Fellowship with friends and family
  • Spring Branch FFA Livestock Show
  • Community Service Opportunities

Agricultural Science students have many options to explore and train through a variety of classes to prepare for careers in veterinary medicine, bioengineering, livestock production, plant science, landscape design and greenhouse operations.

Our Ag Science classes are located on our seventeen-acre Agricultural Science Center Farm a couple of minutes from Guthrie. Students have the unique opportunity to learn in classroom/lab settings that are adjacent to the farm amenities including a six-thousand square foot greenhouse, show barn, small and large animal pens and a vast vegetable garden. This provides them the chance to see the practical applications of concepts discussed in classes.

Students interested in joining FFA will be able to participate in Career and Leadership Development Event competitions and of course raise a project for a major show or the Spring Branch FFA Show and Sale. FFA students with this intense responsibility are focused, driven and ready for success after high school. FFA also provides local, state and national scholarship opportunities only available to members.


  • Certified Veterinary Assistant Level 1 (multiple courses)
  • Texas State Florist High School Floral Certification (Floral Design)
  • Texas Hunters and/or Boaters Education Certification (Wildlife)
  • Rig Pass (Oil and Gas Production 1 – 2)


Agricultural Science Animal Focus Pathway

  • Principles of AFNR
  • Agricultural Mechanics
  • Wildlife, Fisheries and Natural Resources
  • Livestock Production
  • Advanced Animal Science or
    Practicum In AFNR

Animal Science – Vet Technician Pathway

  • Small Animal Management and Equine Science
  • Veterinary Medical Applications
  • Advanced Animal Science
  • Practicum in AFNR or Internship with Veterinarian

    Oil & Gas Production Pathway

    • Principles of AFNR
    • Oil and Gas Production 1 and 2
    • Practicum In AFNR or
      Internship in related areas

    2020-2021 Course Offerings


    Meet a class that will take you farther. This course is designed for students who want to deepen their knowledge of the livestock industry. In-depth studies include animal industry, anatomy & physiology, and livestock husbandry. Offered spring semester only.

    Core Prerequisites: Biology & Chemistry/IPC, Algebra & Geometry
    AFNR Prerequisites: Minimum C average in Small Animal Management and Veterinary Medical Applications
    Grades: 11-12


    Agricultural Mechanics takes you through an overview of the skills you would need to maintain a farm or homestead. This hands-on class starts off with safety and exploration of the agricultural job market, then goes right into use of power tools, electrical, plumbing, concrete work, and carpentry, fencing and working with metals including welding. Once you successfully complete the class you can tackle many repairs on the farm or at home.

    Grades: 10-12


    The practicum is designed to give you a supervised practical application what you have learned in Ag. Practicum experiences can occur in a variety of ways including employment, independent study, internships, assistantships, mentorships, or laboratories. You will use what you know to acquire industry-expected workplace skills, career opportunities, entry requirements, and industry expectations.

    Grades: 11-12


    Let loose your creative side as this hands-on course takes you through step-by-step instructions of arranging flowers and interior plant designs. Leave this class with the skill to arrange flowers for yourself or for employers. Look forward to designing your projects and taking them home to share with others.

    Recommended Prerequisite: Principles of AFNR
    Grades: 9-12
    Technical Certification: Texas Florist High School Floral Certification


    The first of these concurrent courses, Landscape Design and Management, will help you develop skills for careers related to residential and commercial lawn design and care. Techniques in designing, constructing, and maintaining planted areas and devices for the beautification of home grounds and other areas of habitation and recreation will be developed. They will also explore design planning, irrigation, plant identification, planting and the employment opportunities made available through this career. The Turf Grass Management course will help you develop techniques and practices for careers in as golf course superintendent, sports turf manager, irrigation technician and many other interesting related careers.

    Grades: 10-12


    Gain insight and information about the animals that feed our world. This course will provide you an introduction to livestock production including anatomy, nutrition, health care and information specific to the species. If you are interested in livestock judging this is for you.

    Recommended Prerequisite: Principles of AFNR
    Grades: 10-12
    Credit/Course ID: 1 / 13000300 / CTAG11


    Interested in the oil and gas industry then this is the class for you! Students enrolled in this course will be able to identify specific career opportunities in the oil and gas industry, and the skills, abilities, tools, certification, and safety measures associated with each career. Students will also be provided with an understanding of components, systems, equipment, production, and safety regulations associated with oil and gas well production and maintenance. O&G 2 will deepen your knowledge and be ready to identify and determine potential career opportunities in the oil and gas industry they are interested in pursuing. You will continue to expand knowledge and the skills, abilities, tools, certification, and safety measures associated with each career as well as an understanding of components, systems, equipment, production, and safety regulations associated with oil and gas well production and maintenance.

    Oil & Gas 1 and Oil & Gas 2 must be taken concurrently.
    Grades: 10-12


    Don’t think agriculture affects you? Get ready for this eye opening class! Learn how food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medicine and modern-day conveniences rely on agricultural products. Students will also explore how agriculture affects government & international trade.

    Grades: 9-12


    In Small Animal Management, the first of these concurrent classes,  you’ll learn what a valuable role dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and reptiles play in our society. Develop knowledge and skills pertaining to the selection, nutrition, grooming, reproduction, health, and management of small animals. Live animals are used in classroom demonstrations. Equine Science is the second class and you will be exposed to the science of horses and technology principles that include genetics, anatomy, physiology/nutrition, diseases, pests, and management practices. Topics also include an introduction to the equine industry, various breeds, conformation, selection, care and management, soundness, health, feeding, farrier observation, restraints, general vaccinations and overall managerial duties.

    Both classes must be taken concurrently.
    Recommended Prerequisite: Principles of AFNR
    Grades: 10-12


    Explore the basics of the veterinary medical profession and know what goes on behind the scenes of a vet clinic. You will gain skills that technicians need to know, like handling a wide variety of animals, assisting clients, office management and legal issues. Learn common ailments and treatments as well as emergency care techniques. Classroom demonstrations will use live animals.

    Prerequisite: Minimum C average in Livestock Production or Small Animal Management/Equine Science.
    Grades: 11-12
    Technical Certification: Certified Vet Assistant Level 1 (12th grade)


    This course is designed for students who love the great outdoors. Learn how to identify, manage and conserve wildlife and their ecology. Students can acquire state certification in Hunter Education.

    Recommended Prerequisite: Principles of AFNR
    Grades: 9-12
    Technical Certification: Texas Hunters Education Certification, Texas Boater Education Certification