Computer Tech

The Guthrie Center, one of the first schools in the nation to offer Computer Maintenance and Computer Networking programs at the secondary level, maintains its’ position as a leader in the field. We offer hands-on training utilizing the latest networking and computer hardware in our labs combined with updated online curriculum to remain current with industry standards.

Computer Maintenance curriculum provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) professionals. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of PC technology, networking, and security, and also provides an introduction to advanced concepts. Students who complete this course will be able to describe the internal components of a computer, assemble a computer system, install an operating system, and troubleshoot using system tools and diagnostic software. Computer Maintenance helps students prepare for entry-level ICT career opportunities and the CompTIA A+ certification. This technical certificate helps students differentiate themselves in the marketplace to advance their careers.

Cisco Networking 1 and 2 classes teach networking based on application. Covering concepts within the context of network environments students may encounter in their daily lives (small office and home office) to more complex enterprise and theoretical networking models. Both classes are designed for students with basic PC skills and foundational math and problem solving skills and are a perfect follow up to Computer Maintenance. The curriculum offers an engaging learning experience for more visual and kinetic learners since a large number of labs encourage hands-on practice. Students successful in these classes will be prepared for entry-level career opportunities, continuing education, and the globally recognized Cisco CCENT and CCNA certification exams.


  • Computer Maintenance

    This program will prepare you to take CompTIA’s A+ Certification exam. With this certification, you will be ready to go to work in the high-tech and high-paying IT jobs of tomorrow. Through hands on activities and labs, you will learn how to assemble and configure computers, install operating systems, software, and set up/troubleshoot hardware, software and networks. 

    Grades: 9-12

    Articulated College Credit: available through HCC

    Technical Certification Attainable: Comptia A+ Certification

  • Cisco Networking 1

    This program will prepare students to take the Cisco CCNA or CCENT Certification exams. With these certifications, you will be ready to go to work in the high-tech and high-paying IT jobs of tomorrow. Through hands on activities and labs, you will learn how to configure routers and set up small networks using many commercial design and network administrator tools.

    Grades: 10-12

    Articulated College Credit: available through HCC

    Technical Certification Attainable: CCENT (Cisco Entry Networking Technician)

  • Cisco Networking 2 | Research in IT

    In this second year of  Cisco Networking, you will gain additional knowledge and experience in preparation of CCNA/CCENT certifications. Successful completion of Cisco Networking 1 is required.

    Grades: 11-12

    Technical Certification Attainable: CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate)

  • Computer Technician

    Do you think you have a clear understanding of building and repairing a computer or designing and maintaining a network from your earlier computer classes? If so, put that knowledge into action as you apply your knowledge and skills to a variety of settings and problems. Apply with current CT instructor for entry into this class for next year. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Computer Maintenance 

    Grades: 11-12

  • Geo Tech 1 – GIS and Programming

    Data Technicians for the energy industry work directly with geologists, engineers and business managers by providing technical support for oil and gas exploration. Data Techs need proficiency in many technical applications and present the information from these computer languages that can be understood by all involved in the process.  This first course blends Geographic Information Systems (transferring GPS data into mapping layouts for things like traffic flow, crime rates and economic development) with basic Computer Programming to begin your journey towards a lucrative career as a Geo Tech. 

    Grades: 10-12