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The Filmmaking program at The Guthrie Center is one of the most unique, creative and innovative programs in Spring Branch today. This multi Emmy Award-winning program is taught by industry professionals and teaches students how to take an idea and transform it into a professional broadcast-ready film.

Students learn the fine art of media communication through many hands-on production experiences and learn how to write, pitch, direct, edit and produce everything from a Public Service Announcement to Documentaries, Short Films, Music Videos, television talk shows and more. Many of our professional productions are broadcast on our own Vimeo channel and can be watched on HCC-TV and public access channel 17.

While students learn the technical aspects and techniques of professional filmmaking, more importantly, they learn how to build and manage projects and see them to completion. Our program teaches problem-solving, time management, troubleshooting, teamwork and collaborative compromise as students work with a diverse network of students, adults and outside clients in order to produce their many film projects.

Film students are highly encouraged to take their work to the next level as we require them to enter their video projects in film festivals. Students are also required to produce a demo reel and production portfolio of all of their works in order to show prospective employers or post-secondary advisors. Many of the Digital Filmmaking students at The Guthrie Center gain recognition, employment and internship opportunities as a direct result of their work and professional video productions created in our program.


  • Apple Final Cut Certified Associate (Film 2)



2021-22 Filmmaking Classes

Film and Video Production 1 w/LAB

Lights! Camera! Action!  Do you enjoy watching movies and music videos?  Are you the person that’s always seen the latest films, knows who’s directed them and know some of the behind-the-scenes information?  If so, The Guthrie Center Film class is for you!  We are unlike any other class offered in SBISD!  You’ll learn how to produce and direct your own productions and you’ll even create a demo reel of all of your work.  You’ll learn how to use Final Cut Pro X, the leading software used in editing movies like The Social Network, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, X-Men, Napoleon Dynamite and more!  Whether you want to go to Hollywood and become a Director or want to learn a serious hobby, this class will give you an experience you’ll never forget.

Grades: 10-11

Film and Video Production 2 w/LAB

Film and Video Production Practicum

If you want to take your Film I experience to the next level, this class is for you.  This class is for students who want to pursue a career in this industry and want to gain the skills and knowledge that will set them apart and get them that job.  Students are often selected to produce for outside clients.  Students can earn an industry certification.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Film and Video Production 1.
Grades: 11-12
Technical Certification Attainable: Apple Final Cut Certified Associate

This course is for the very serious student who plans to pursue a career in this field.  Students are self-starters, often work independently and are led under the instruction of the teacher. Students can earn an upper-level industry certification.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Film and Video Production 2.
Grades: 11-12