Our Mission

We believe that hiring talented instructors, providing industry-standard equipment and partnering with business and higher education gives Guthrie students the best opportunity to earn a technical certification, 2 or 4 year degree, enter the workforce or serve in the armed forces.

Our Vision

We provide the highest technical, professional and leadership skills training in a workplace environment so students can succeed on their pathway of choice.

Our Goals


Post-Secondary Readiness

Guthrie Center juniors and seniors will have a viable plan to complete pathway coursework, options for post-graduation and their intended path in a digital format.

Post-Secondary Achievement

The number of second or higher students in a Guthrie Center pathway who are taking dual credit, earning a technical certification or completing a sharable, digital portfolio of their work will increase.

School Connectedness

We will increase the number of interns, apprentices or practicum students who successfully transition to higher education or the workforce with help from our community resources and online career search tools.