Our Vision

Our students receive the highest technical, professional and leadership skills training in a simulated workplace environment to prepare them for success in any future career.

Our Mission

We provide maximum T-2-4 options for students to succeed before and beyond graduation, delivered by real-world experienced teachers using industry-standard tools and partnering with business and higher education.

Our Goals

Students will know their options after graduation

GC programs will dedicate time each semester for students to identify, discuss and record their post-graduation plan in a digital/physical format.

Students will be college and career ready

GC programs will provide training in universal professional skills needed for success in any workplace.

students will meet ambitious growth targets

GC programs will increase the number of students passing exams that lead to a technical certification or micro-credential by 10% over 2018-19.

Students will feel connected to their school community

By June 2020, at least 75% of GC students will respond favorably in the school connectedness portion of student surveys.