Our Vision

Guthrie provides students the highest technical, professional and leadership skills training in a workplace environment so they can succeed in their pathway of choice.

Our Mission

Our talented instructors, industry-standard equipment and business/higher education partners work together to provide maximum T-2-4-M options as Guthrie students choose their pathway to graduation and beyond. 

Our Goals


Students will Understand their Post-Secondary Opportunities

In order to achieve T-2-4, graduating students will understand their options and be prepared to choose their post-secondary education opportunities.

By May 2019, 85% of Guthrie seniors and 35% of juniors will have a viable and accessible plan for pathway completion and post-graduation.

students will meet ambitious growth targets

Guthrie programs will increase the number of students passing exams that lead to a technical certification or micro credential by 10% over 2017-18.

Where feasible, there will be a 10% growth in enrollment and completion of dual-credit courses over 2017-18 by May 2019.

Students feel connected to their school community

By June 2019, at least 75% of Guthrie students will respond favorably in the school connectedness portion of student surveys.

students demonstrate college and career readiness.

Guthrie programs will provide training in the non-technical, professional (soft) skills needed for success in the workplace.