Hotel Management


  • Off Campus
  • Explore Exciting Careers
  • Real-World Experiences
  • Travel Trips Around Houston
  • Learn Alongside Professionals
  • Competitions
  • Strong Job Outlook

Hotel Management is an off-campus internship located at a luxury hotel, the Omni Houston Hotel Westside located on the Katy Freeway. Students find it hard to believe they are in high school as they experience real-world activities and learn job skills from the professionals at the Omni.

Choose from your favorite departments for training experiences. The travel and tourism curriculum is presented to give you a balanced Hotel Management experience and look at the industry. Participate in exciting study trips to popular attractions throughout Houston.

Get an early start in your career as you explore career paths at the Omni. Bus transportation to the Omni is provided.

Join this popular internship experience and have fun while you learn!


  • AHLEI Certified Guest Service Professional (Year 1)
  • AHLEI Certified Hospitality & Tourism Professional (Year 2)


Hotel Management Pathway

  • Hotel Management and Practicum in Hospitality 1
  • Travel & Tourism and Practicum in Hospitality 2

2020-2021 Course Offerings

Hotel 1: Hotel Management and
Hospitality Services Practicum 1

This internship is held at the luxurious Omni Hotel Westside every day where you will spend time in several of your favorite departments, take trips to popular attractions and hotels and learn alongside professionals. Begin your career in hospitality while you earn course credit from the Conrad Hilton College at the University of Houston. Bus transportation to the hotel is provided. 

These courses must be taken concurrently. 

Grades: 10-12
Technical Certifications: AHLEI Certified Guest Service

Hotel 2: Travel & Tourism Management and
Hospitality Services Practicum 2

Your second year at the Omni will find you exploring the travel world of cruise ships, airlines, amusement parks, resorts and the many careers of travel and tourism.

These courses must be taken concurrently.

Grades:  11-12