Hotel Management

Hotel Management is an off-campus, unpaid internship located at the luxurious Omni Houston Hotel Westside on the Katy Freeway. Students find it hard to believe they are in high school as they work alongside professionals to gain valuable job skills and self- confidence through a hands-on education in many hotel departments.

Choice of training areas include the front desk, concierge, banquets, restaurant, kitchen, gift shop, sales and marketing, accounting, human resources, switchboard, engineering and housekeeping. In addition to working in these areas, a comprehensive travel and tourism curriculum is presented, giving the Hotel Management experience a balanced look at the industry. Our students participate in exciting study trips to travel destinations throughout the Greater Houston area, engage in competitive events and have the option to travel to New York City in the spring semester.

College credits may be earned through the Conrad Hilton College at the University of Houston and Houston Community College. Get an early start in a career – join this popular and proven internship and network with the outstanding managers of the Omni Hotel.


  • Hotel  Management and Hospitality Services Practicum 1  

    This internship is held at the luxurious Omni Hotel Westside every day where you will spend time in several of your favorite departments, take trips to popular attractions and hotels and learn alongside professionals. Begin your career in hospitality while you earn course credit from the Conrad Hilton College at the University of Houston. Bus transportation to the hotel is provided. These courses must be taken concurrently.

    Grades:  10-12
    Technical Certifications Attainable: AHLEI Certified Guest Service

  •  Travel & Tourism Management and Hospitality Services Practicum 2

    Your second year at the Omni will find you exploring the travel world of cruise ships, airlines, amusement parks, resorts and the many careers of travel and tourism. These courses must be taken concurrently.

    Grades:  11-12
    Technical Certifications Attainable: AHLEI Certified Hospitality & Tourism