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An Internship is a clearly defined, short-term, work and learning experience to intensify preparation for a specific career field. Through targeted learning goals, supervision and evaluation, Guthrie interns apply their technical knowledge to actual work experiences. This serves to both enhance the student’s education while adding value to the employer since interns typically work alongside practicing professional as they tackle projects and challenges on a daily basis.

Interns are selected juniors and seniors who are enrolled in specific course, focused and/or possess high-level technical skills. An internship can be the pivotal point for students to reach their T-2-4 option of choice.

Internship placements are based on the student’s previous electives and what they desire to study in college or employment in a career after graduation. Interns benefit by working in their specific area of interest while continuing their technical education. Students observe all aspects of the company’s operations to discover how what they learn in school is applied in the workplace.

Many employers write outstanding letters of recommendations for the intern’s college applications, offer financial scholarships for college and may extend full-time employment pending completion of their education. Skill areas include Agriculture Business, Architectural Design, Engineering, 3D Animation Design, Computer Sciences, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Digital Filmmaking, Health Sciences and many more.


  • ACT Work Keys


An Internship can be the final class in most CTE pathways which creates one of the best way to finish out your career studies in high school and immerse you into a paid internship placement.

2021-22 Internship Classes


This course provides opportunities for you to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment experiences and supports strong partnerships among school, business, and community stakeholders. You will also identify colleges that support the degree or certification that is required for a successful career in your field. The goal is to prepare students with "soft skills" required for employment and for a fast-changing workplace.

If taken in 11th grade, this course may be repeated for credit in grade 12.

Grades: 11-12
Technical Certification Attainable: ACT National Career Readiness Work Keys