AIA To Honor Sonia Greiner

GuthrieCenter News

The Houston chapter of the American Institute of Architects will honor Sonia Greiner as Educator of the Year on October 25th at their offices in downtown Houston. Associate Director Mat Wolff stated, “This award was previously reserved for professors teaching at the university level, but our Honors Award Committee chose to change this rule so we could honor Ms. Greiner for her efforts in educating Houston area high school students. She has worked closely with our Michael G. Meyers Committee to help her students compete in our annual scholarship program and consistently produces the most participants annually. She has also assisted us in reaching more schools and helping other teachers understand the required architectural concepts and how to incorporate those into TEKS. No other secondary school level educator working in Houston has done as much for the profession of architecture as Ms. Greiner. We are thrilled to honor her with this award.”
First time AIA Houston has awarded Educator of the Year to a high school teacher. BAM
Sonia has done an incredible job at Guthrie taking a fledgling program and building it up. We are so proud of her and applaud AIA Houston for recognizing all she has done above and beyond what a teacher is required to do.