Orienteering Teams Unite

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Today at the Challenger 7 Park in League City our Navy JROTC Orienteering Team competed with many others on a beautiful muddy, sunny day.

25 cadets joined forces with fellow JROTC teams from George Bush and Nimitz High Schools. The strong fellowship among the Naval Science Instructors of the units seemed to permeate to the students as they talked, cooked and broke bread together.

CDR Coufal and Master Chief Heuser took cadets Rosa Alvarez, Jasmine Aregullin, Randolph Bahena-Guerrero, Stephanie Benavides, Melvin Bustillo, Steven Caballero, Henri Calix, Alexis Castillo, Sara Crellen, Clinton Dougher, Michael Espino, Jocelyn Fox, Cristian Garza, Azucena Gonzales-Salazar, Gustavo Grimaldo, Jermi Mcmillan, Christi Nguyen, Pedro Quiroz, Juan Reyes-Canales, Carlos Reyes Canales, Jonathan Rodriguez, Corbin Scott, Chase Smesny, Francisco Tapia, and Logan Watson to the competition.

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