ProStart Starts Saturday

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  • Management Team

    Sadie Gilbert
    Lorena Del Toro
    Charlie Reyes

  • Culinary Team

    Lillie Kram
    Anayeli Brito
    Lawrence Dipaolo
    Debanhi Mendoza
    Joel Silguero

  • Chef Coaches

    Chef Erin Land
    Chef Mel Manske
    Chef Jon Alford

  • Schedule of Events

    Click Here For Times

The culmination of months of planning, practice, hard work, and weekends in the kitchens comes to fruition tomorrow at 8:45 AM for Management Team and 10:15 AM for the Culinary Team at the Lone Star Convention and Expo Center in Conroe.

While check-in, orientation and learning opportunities for the teams is today, the main events are Saturday. Click the link above for actual times and location of the events at Lone Star.

We wish the best of luck to our teams Management: Sadie Gilbert, Lorena Del Toro, Charlie Reyes and Culinary: Lillie Kram, Anayeli Brito, Lawrence Dipaolo, Debanhi Mendoza and Joel Silguero, and Chefs Land, Manske and Alford for getting our students ready. for prime time.

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