Unquestionable Character

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This year our Character Without Question Awardee is Alexandra Rangel, a senior from Northbrook High School in our Internship program. Tina Miller nominated Alexandra for her strength in the areas of honesty & integrity, respect and kindness.

The internship class spends a lot of time talking about the traits of successful people in the workplace and what employers want from those they hire. One of the top ones is doing the right thing. According to Ms. Miller, Alexandra “exhibits daily integrity in her internship class… her opinion on professional topics is always aligned with doing the ethical thing rather than the comfortable thing.” Since Alexandra is in the health care field, this is crucial dealing with confidential patient information.

Alexandra has a natural inclination to give respect to people in all areas her life. Treating others with dignity, respecting their time and putting forth whatever effort it takes is the way she lives her life.

When someone asks Alexandra for assistance, she will take time to help with anything needed, even if it results in extending her day. This comes from a servant approach which is reflected in both her career goal and her volunteer efforts.

This exceptionally busy young adult manages her time so she can excel in her advanced course load at school, intern at Memorial Hermann Hospital, take college courses during the summer and help others by volunteering at a homeless shelter, organize blood drives, collecting clothes and shoes for those less fortunate and more.

We applaud Alexandra for her selflessness and giving spirit that embodies what we should all strive for at Guthrie. Congratulations Alexandra and to all those nominated.

On Monday, February 22 at 7PM at Northbrook High School, the SBISD Board of Trustees will acknowledge all of the district CWQ awardees.