Welcome Friends From Norway

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Two years ago a group of Choir students from Spring Woods HS and Culinary students from Guthrie were invited to Stavanger Norway for a student exchange to see their country from the eyes of Norwegian students and families. It was a amazing experience for all involved producing great memories and international friendships.

This week its Houston’s turn as 50 high school students from Stavanger come to Texas for a week representing fine arts, sports, entrepreneurs and culinary arts. The last group of four will be our guests Friday, Monday and Tuesday culminating with a dinner at Guthrie on Tuesday for about 125 participants, sponsors, volunteers and guests.

  • Here are some of the events the culinary students will embark on:
  • Tour of Guthrie
  • Visit and Tour the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston
  • Tour and taste at Underbelly
  • Tour River Oaks Country Club
  • Listen to a choir concert at Spring Woods HS
  • Visit the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
  • Prepare dinner for Tuesday night

All this and not to mention what they will do two days while in Galveston and Sunday with their host family.

We are honored to open our doors at Guthrie joining many others throughout the Houston Galveston area. Check out their campus website (brush up on your Norwegian first) http://www.jaattaa.vgs.no  and the architects photos (click gallery link) here http://www.henninglarsen.com/projects/0400-0599/0582-jaattaa-vocational-school.aspx