The officers will be President; Vice-President; Secretary and Treasurer. These officers will be elected by the membership of The Guthie Center Chapter and will hold the position for one year. Elections will occur in the spring semester by the end of April.

President – The president will preside at all meetings, appoint committees and shall represent the chapter at official organization gatherings. The president shall cooperate with the chapter advisor(s) and with the chapter executive committee to supervise the local chapter, determine policy and conduct the general activities of the chapter.

Vice-President – The vice-president shall service in the president’s absence, act as general assistant to the president and chair the executive committee.

Secretary – The secretary should keep all chapter records, minutes and carry on the correspondence of the local chapter.

Treasurer – The treasurer shall have the general charge of the finances of the local chapter under the supervision of the chapter advisor. The treasurer is responsible for collecting dues and conduct financial transactions in accordance to district/local policy. The Chapter Executive Chapter shall be made up of the chapter officers and the chapter advisors. The purpose of this committee is to oversee the general management of the local chapter.


Reece Stallwitz & Emily Yu
Secretary: Dani Ortiz
Treasurer: Lilly Fultz

Allie Adams & Tina Miller


11/9-21 NTHS Can Food Drive

11/12 NTHS Officer Meet: (3:30)

11/18 NTHS Meet: (3:30)

11/21 Sat. Can Drop (10-11:30 am)

12/8 NTHS Induction: (5:30-6:30 pm)

12/9 NTHS Full Meet: (3:30)

12/10-17 NTHS Holiday Cards

1/07 NTHS Officer Meet: (3:30)

1/12 NTHS Meet: (3:30)

2/15 NTHS Officer Meet: (3:30)

2/16 NTHS Meet: (3:30)

3/3 NTHS Officer Meet: (3:45)

3/11 NTHS Meet: (3:30)

3/27 NTHS SBMSA Field Clean-Up (Sat)

4/15 NTHS Officer Meet: (3:30)

4/20 NTHS Meet: (3:30)

5/5 NTHS Officer Meet: (3:45)

5/11 NTHS Meet: (3:30)

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