Guthrie Pathways

Meeting the graduation requirements for the Business and Industry or Public Services Endorsement Pathways offered through Guthrie is a matter of completing the Foundation Plan along with the required classes in the pathway you choose.

Below are the pathway classes for Guthrie programs as a reference for you. Make sure you view the SBISD Program of Studies document and visit with your counselor for all of the details.

Agricultural Science Pathways

Animal Focus

Principles of AFNR
Agricultural Mechanics
Wildlife, Fisheries and Natural Resources
Livestock Production
Advanced Animal Science or Practicum In Agriculture
Oil & Gas Production Pathway

Principles of AFNR
Oil and Gas Production 1
Oil and Gas Production 2
Practicum In Agriculture or Internship in Energy related area

Plant Focus

Principles of AFNR
Agricultural Mechanics
Wildlife, Fisheries and Natural Resources
Horticultural Science
Advanced Plant and Soil Science or Practicum In Agriculture
Plant Production

Floral Design
Landscape Design and Management and Turf Grass Management
Horticulture Science
Advanced Plant and Soil Science  or Greenhouse Operation and Production
Veterinary Tech

Small Animal Management and Equine Science
Veterinary Medical Applications
Advanced Animal Science
Practicum in AFNR or Internship with Veterinarian

Architecture and Construction Pathways

Architectural Design

Principles of Architecture and Architectural Design 1
Architectural Design 2
Architectural Design Practicum
Electrician Apprentice

Math for Technical Professionals
Electrical Technician 1
Electrical Technician 2
Internship or Practicum

Communication and Digital Arts Pathways

3D Animation

3D Animation Game Art 1
3D Animation Game Art 2
3D Animation Game Development Practicum 1
Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography 1
Commercial  Photography 2
Commercial Photography Practicum or Internship in Commercial Photo related area

Film/Video Production 1
Film/Video Production 2
Film and Video Practicum or Internship in Film-Video related area
Graphic Design

Graphic Design 1
Graphic Design 2
Graphic Design Practicum or Internship in Graphic Design related area

Computer & Info Tech Pathways

Computer Networking

Networking 1
Networking 2 (Practicum in IT)
Practicum in Information Technology 2 or Internship in IT related area or Computer Technician
Computer Service Technician

Computer Maintenance
Computer Technician Practicum
Practicum in Information Technology 2 or Internship in IT related area
Geological Data Tech Pathway
Geological Technician

Computer Programming 1 and Computer Programming 2
Business Info Management or Practicum in IT or Internship in Data Tech area

Cosmetology Pathway


Cosmetology 1
Cosmetology 2

Culinary and Hospitality Pathways

Baking & Pastry

Culinary Arts 1
Culinary Arts 2
Cafe Operations Practicum
Culinary Chef

Culinary Arts 1
Culinary Arts 2
Chef Training Practicum
Hotel Management

Hotel Management and Practicum in Hospitality 1
Travel & Tourism and Practicum in Hospitality 2

Criminal Justice Pathway

Law Enforcement & Legal Representation

Law Enforcement 1 and Court Systems and Practices
Law Enforcement 2 and Criminal Investigation
Forensic Science

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Pathway


Naval Science 1 and PE
Naval Science 2 and Student Leadership
Naval Science 3
Naval Science 4

Health Science Pathway

Pharmacy Technician

Principles of Health Science
Medical Terminology
Health Science Theory and Pharmacology
Pharmacy Technician Practicum