Culinary Arts

The first class in the Culinary Arts program at Guthrie encompasses the fundamentals of cooking, the science of baking, food service management, production skills and sanitation procedures. Along with guest chefs, we will help you develop and refine your creative side and master the steps of recipe development and event planning. Throughout the school year you will actually prepare and serve a variety of dining functions.

Culinary Arts 2 will increase your depth of knowledge and experience in specific areas including baking, protein selection, advanced nutrition and sustainability. This mid-level class will gain an understanding of front and back of the house roles and how these areas work together to create a successful operation.

Chef Training is perfect for students with a sincere interest in becoming a chef. This class pioneered high-level culinary programming in Texas through our strong, supportive partnership with The Art Institute of Houston. and other area professional chef’s as we learn high level cooking skills.

The Cafe Operations and Catering Practicum will put you in the driver’s seat for running and managing small operations like our campus coffee shop. This course consists of a combination of lab instruction, deconstruction, and hands-on production to provide a practical application to cafe and catering business practices.

The culinary facility at Guthrie is a state-of-the-art, high-level system of teaching kitchens and labs that surpasses most culinary schools in Texas. It was designed by industry professionals and educators, blending the best of both worlds to provide optimal hands-on learning.


  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • National Certification
  • ProStart Competitions
  • International Cuisines
  • Learn to Run a Business


  • ServSafe Food Handler
  • ServeSafe Manager


  • Culinary Arts 1
  • Culinary Arts 2
  • Cafe Operations Practicum
  • Chef Training Practicum


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