Commercial Photography

The Commercial Photography program at The Guthrie Center is an acclaimed award-winning program that gives students an opportunity to learn the fine art of communication, through artful images and photography.

Students discover their artistic voice and learn about the art of persuasion, entertainment, marketing, public relations and sales by planning and shooting a series of photographs that meet those needs.

The course begins by teaching students the fundamentals of photography with digital SLRs commonly used in our industry. Students learn professional techniques in composition, lighting and studio that transforms the hobbyist into a sophisticated professional artist.

Students gain hands-on training and experience with professionals and learn to use professional software and equipment from the industry. More importantly, students learn how to make decisions about productions, learn problem solving, time management, project management and learn how to artfully critique other works. They work with adults and outside clients and learn how to conduct professional photo shoots in our real-world studio. Innovation and “thinking outside the box” is expected and rewarded.

Commercial Photography at The Guthrie Center is a very creative hands-on course with real-world expectations unlike any other photography course in the district. The skills and concepts learned in our courses are skills that not only create excellent photographers, but are valuable skills that can be applied to all aspects in life.


  • Professional Software
  • Certifications
  • Portfolios
  • Creative Fun
  • Recognition for your work


  • Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop (Year 2)


  • Commercial Photo 1
  • Commercial  Photo 2
  • Commercial Photo Practicum


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