Beverly Litton



Beverly Litton graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Texas at Austin and received her Master’s Degree in in Counseling from Sam Houston State University. She first served as an Art Teacher then as a Secondary Counselor in middle school in Spring Branch ISD. It was in that capacity that she developed the belief that the pathway for success for the future for students was to provide opportunities for them to explore and discover the vast world of careers to discover those areas that created a passion within them.

After being named Career and Technology Ed. / Guthrie Center Counselor, she has enjoyed working to bring innovative electives to the Guthrie Center along with coordinating various career exploration programs through the years, with the goal being to facilitate students’ finding their pathways and directions for the future.

When speaking to students, parents, community members and educators, she shares these guidelines for the career research process:

  • What careers relate to your interests?
  • What is the salary potential of those careers?
  • What is the job outlook?
  • Reaching your career goal or goals: What education is needed and what post-secondary education institutions provides the education programs needed to obtain your career goal?

Spring Branch ISD has been a pace-setter for education through innovative programs for many areas.

Beverly Litton is honored to be affiliated with CTE, the Guthrie Center and educators who share the reality that career education is for EVERY STUDENT.


Phone: 713.251.1303