Dana Bucci



Dana has spent a lifetime working in Hospitality, in restaurants, hotels, the world of private plane international catering, traditional catering, grab and go (self-serve) and resorts, as well as becoming a personal chef.  She’s achieved mastery in all positions up to management in both front and back-of-the-house positions. Along with all of her practical experience, beginning at the young age of fourteen, she attended Culinary School at Texas Culinary Academy in Austin and returned to Houston to complete her studies at the Conrad N. Hilton college of Hotel and Restaurant Management the year they were recognized as the number one school in the nation. 

Dana spent some time traveling to other states to perfect her craft, but found herself always being called back to Houston. In her time in the business she’s had the pleasure of serving and working with presidents, vice presidents, dignitaries in multiple countries, and serving a multitude of celebrities in many different capacities. Eventually, she decided to go back to the University of Houston. 

Upon returning to the University of Houston, she endeavored the completion of her English – Literary Studies Bachelor, minoring in Education. Throughout her training, she worked with an extremely diversified group of students with a variety of different abilities combined with fourteen different languages. She brings a lifetime of career experience to the table, with an abundance of stories about the business and examples to impart on the next generation for their future endeavors in the business. 

Email: Dana.Bucci@springbranchisd.com

Phone: 713.251.1348

Conference Time 9:30-10:30 AM